Exclusive Shurondia’s Trinketz Scarfs

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Reclaiming Scarf


51″ x51″

Poly silk combo .

Reclaiming affirmations. Girl this COVID has taken us there and back! Let us reclaim all that is good.

Sasha black scarf

Pairs well with the Sasha black collection. You can wear this scarf with many things and she can be worn

Savannah Oversized Scarf (Pink)


This season we are celebrating the fun and wild side. The stunning array of multi animal print in this scarf will be a keepsake piece for years to come.
This beauty is multifunctional. You can adorn your beautiful locks of hair and use her as a head wrap. You can accentuate, your waist and wrap her up as a belt tie or go all out sarong style. She drapes gracefully around your shoulders to add a bit of extra warmth or to make that blazer pop.

You can’t go wrong with this one.

Sunflower Bloom Scarf

Oversized scarf 51″ x 51″ Poly Silk Twill Scarf

Szeremi Scarf- Tribal


A vivid display of gorgeous colors. Dancing girls with lively shades of red, green showcasing a tribal vibe. An absolute stunner wrapped around the neck or tied on the Szeremi handbag handle to accessorize. Step up and show out in this exquisite, show-stopping scarf!