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There’s a better version that lies in all of us. Dare to find yours.

Welcome to Shurondia’s Trinketz, a place where women can come to be empowered. Some say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but we disagree. If it sparkles, slays, and looks good on and off camera, it’s part of the girl’s squad! And everything you see here will do just that.

Our pieces are made to do more than just look good, they’ll make you feel just as great, and that’s what’s most important. Whether you’re in the market for a saucy new fedora to spice up your wardrobe, in the mood for some bling, or just looking to experiment with a new shade of lipstick, you’ve come to the right place!


I first came up with the idea for Shurondia’s Trinketz while watching someone make hand-beaded bracelets. Something about the seemingly simplistic process and unexpectedly nuanced techniques lit a spark in the creative side of me and I set out to do the same.

Ultimately, my path led me to zero-ing in on the design process, rather than the creation. My husband and I work together to keep our store fresh, our designs fancy, and our behind-the-scenes running smoothly.

My full time job at the time wasn’t going anywhere, so I thought, If I was gonna dive headfirst into a brand new ocean, what better time than the present? It wasn’t all smooth sailing but the rest is history! What started as a fascination for one bracelet turned into a whole treasure box of trinkets.

I can truly say that this experience has empowered me to grow and discover the best version of myself. At the end of the day, the whole reason I’m doing this is for the chance to share that feeling of empowerment with you. I wouldn’t have made a full time commitment like this if it wasn’t for the community I’d end up fostering along the way.


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